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These Microgreens grow EASILY on your windowsill, inside the pouch. (no green fingers needed...only one cup of water). Take them on holiday!

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From the Community – For the Community.

WeHub aspires to bring the farm-to-table movement to homes across the country via local pick-up hubs. We have created an online platform that makes it easy and convenient for communities to support local farmers, artisans and small businesses, thereby directly creating jobs and feeding the nation good, quality food. In essence, WeHub gives both the community and the humble small producer a choice. No more bureaucracy. No more red tape. Just wider access to fresh, healthy food and non-food products from local small businesses.

Help us make business heroes of ordinary people. Shop WeHub.

Quality Blast Frozen Meat from The Butcher Co
Our range of quality and affordable meat products are geared to give you great products without breaking the bank. Our heart is to bring quality and affordability into our community!

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